Just Plug JP5639 Arched Cast Iron Street Lights - N Scale

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Use to light city streets, sidewalks, downtown areas, parks, bridges and more. 20mA. RoHS Compliant.

3 Warm White LED Street Lights/pkg

Dimensions 0.417 in w x 1.874 in h (10.6 mm w x 47.6 mm h)


Power with a Just Plug Light Hub (JP5701).

1. Determine desired placement of Street Lights. Mark locations with a pencil.

2. OPTIONAL: Feed wires on Main Pole through Extension

Pole. Insert base pin on Main Pole into Extension Pole,

aligning the conduit detailing on both poles. Make sure

wires do not get crimped in between the two poles.

Secure pole sections together with super glue.

3. For each Street Light, drill a hole through layout base

using a 3/32" (2.4 mm) drill bit. Drill holes parallel with

surrounding buildings.

4. Feed wires through hole, then insert base pin into hole.

When needed, secure Street Lights in position with

super glue.

5. Connect Light Set to Linker Plug. From each Street Light,

twist the prestripped section of red wires together and

black wires together (Fig. 1). Press and hold down the

red button, insert twisted red wires into hole until they

hit the back of the Linker Plug, then release the button.

Repeat with black button and black wires (Fig. 2). If

shortening length of wires, strip lacquer insulation from

all sides of wire with a hobby knife.

6. Plug the Linker Plug into a Light Hub LIGHT port.

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