Gaugemaster GM386 OO/HO Emergency Vehicle Lighting Kit

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This Vehicle Lighting Kit gives you the opportunity to enhance any diecast vehicle. Contains everything you need to fit one vehicle. 1xFlasher Unit 1xResistor 2x Red LEDs 2xWhite LEDs 2x Blue LEDs 1xBattery Box 1x 3v Battery – CR2032 1.2mm Drill Bit GAUGEMASTER GM385/6/7 VEHICLE LIGHTING KIT Your new vehicle lighting kit gives you the opportunity to enhance any model, so before you start please check all the contents are correct for your requirements. Check List: 1 x Flasher Unit 1 x Resistor 1 x 1.2mm Drill Bit 2 x Red Led’s 1 x Battery Box 2 x Blue Led’s (GM386 Only) 2 x White Led’s 1 x 3v Battery – CR2032 2 x Orange Led’s (GM387 Only) Let’s start with the basics, the battery must be inserted into the battery box with positive of the battery towards the positive on the box (look for the large + mark on the box). The box itself has 3 terminals, the outer pair are positive + and the centre one negative – you can use the two positive terminals as a direct supply for the flasher unit and as connection to solder the resistor. Now about the Led’s, remember the Black wire is positive and White is negative and any power going to any Led must be via the resistor on one or other wire. So for a simple set of front and rear light you only need to attach the resistor to the battery box positive and the Led White wires to the battery box negative. The remaining Black wires will now go to the free end of the resistor and any excess trimmed. A 1.2mm drill has been included to make holes to emit light and make passages to feed wires, with so many possibilities we can’t possible say where or how to install all the parts but as modellers we are confident if it can be done someone will do it. Last but not least we have the amazing flasher unit that is used to create the effects. As you can see from the diagram there is a positive and negative terminal, these need to attach to the battery box with some suitable wire. The circuit can only be turned on and off by removing the battery but a switch can be used if required in the positive supply wire. Terminals 1-5 are for the Led (white) negative wires, using a single Led on any of these terminals will give a pulse effect or using a pair of Led’s on terminals 2 and 4 will result in a toggle effect. If you connect one Led on each of the five terminals a strobe effect can be achieved, extra GM Nano Led’s can be purchased to suit your needs.
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