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C1206 E-Z Water

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Heat and pour E-Z Water according to package directions, to form ponds, streams, rivers and harbors. Non-toxic, low-odor product that hardens in minutes. Can be reheated with a heat gun to mold various accents, such as ripples, waves, rapids and to remove scratches. Woodland Scenics recommends using E-Z Water for small water areas. If pouring around buildings or submerging items, test first. INSTRUCTIONS Prepare Water Area: Prepare Plaster Cloth surface by coloring water depth with lighter colors (shallow areas) and darker colors (deep areas). Seal with Scenic Cement (S191) and dry thoroughly. Prepare and Pour E-Z Water: Melt E-Z Water in clean, dry disposable metal container. Melt quickly on burner, on medium heat, stirring constantly with disposable utensil (E-Z Water melts at 160-180 F). When fully melted, remove from heat and pour over prepared area. E-Z Water smokes or turns brown when overheated. Pour at 1/8" depths. Reheat if E-Z Water hardens before pouring. E-Z Water can be re-melted in place with a heat gun, but take care not to melt foam and plastic structures. Texturing E-Z Water: Ripples can be produced by using heat gun while E-Z Water is drying. Textures can be carved in with a hobby knife and softened with heat gun. Repairing E-Z Water: Use heat gun to remove scratches and air bubbles, by slightly melting surface. Read The Scenery Manual (C1207) for other uses of E-Z Water. WARNING When used as instructed, E-Z Water is a safe, non-toxic modeling product. It is not a toy. Observe the following warnings about burn, spatter, and ingestion hazards. MELT IN CLEAN, DRY DISPOSABLE METAL CONTAINER. Any contact with heated E-Z Water material may cause skin and eye irritation. Avoid spills and spattered material when heating and pouring. DO NOT MIX PELLETS WITH ANY LIQUID! Dangerous spattering may cause burns. MUST NOT BE USED BY CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN 14 YEARS OLD WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION. Severe burns may result. CLEAN UP ALL PELLET SPILLS. Young children must not eat the pellets. FIRST AID: If eye or skin contact occurs, flush with cool water. Do not remove resin. Get medical help to remove it. If swallowed, get medical attention. E-Z Water is not poisonous.
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